Manufacturing in Taiwan for 30 years now, we offer over 100 different laser-cut acrylic items for the kitchen, home and bathroom. We add up to 30 new items to this line yearly, and all of these our products can be customized to your needs. One of the few manufacturers using advanced laser cutting machines from Laser Life (Taiwan), we can develop acrylic furniture and crafts with details that other suppliers cannot match. That's why respected names like Disney and Elle source items made by Ruei Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Quality being paramount at Ruei Chi, we source all materials from established Taiwan suppliers, and do all production here in Taiwan. Our QC team performs inspections throughout production to make sure that each item you order from us is shipped to you free of defects. In fact, in our three decades of manufacturing, we haven't had one piece returned to us.

With all the different items we offer, sourcing 1,000 or 2,000 of each item doesn't suit all of our buyers'needs. So we have a minimum order requirement of just 30 dozen per item. And thanks to long-term business relationships we've established with our materials suppliers, we're able to offer our buyers much lower prices than our competitors. For a full list of the OEM/ODM services we can provide you, contact us today.